How should I talk about the vaccine with someone who is afraid to take it?



The COVID-19 vaccine is safe.

Six months ago, when we first started talking about having this vaccine, one of my patients said to me, "Doc this administration is talking about some type of warp speed vaccine they're going to throw out there. Are you going to take it?"

I said "You know, from what I know right now, I'm not sure."

But after being involved, understanding the science, on panels with other colleagues of mine who are infectious disease neurologists in public health, and asking them questions, we worked as a team trying to get that knowledge.

After getting that knowledge, I convinced myself that this is safe.

A lot of hesitancy can be overcome by listening to and understanding the message from scientists and data.

– Dr. Rodney Hood, M.D.

President and Chairman, Multicultural Health Foundation

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